Bargain hunters explain how to find flights for £3.99 and get £150 off holidays

It feels like a while since many of us have jetted away on holiday – but if you are planning a trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Ahead of Black Friday, bargain hunters have pulled together some tips to explain how to get flights for as little as £3.99.

Some of their advice includes using tools like Google Flights and being open to travelling last minute – or well in advance – to places you may never have considered before.

Co-founder of Tom Church said: “You can easily visit loads of exciting locations for just a few pounds.

“Plus, once you’re there it’s easy to save on food with the tricks our savvy community members have.

“Here are some of the best tips for making some impressive savings on your next trip.”

Use vouchers and coupons – £150 off
Keeping an eye out for vouchers and coupons could save you hundreds of pounds on your next holiday.

Some of the best websites highlighted include Wowcher and Groupon. also has a “holidays” tag where you can track down discounts.

At the moment, some of the offers highlighted include £150 off holiday bookings at First Choice and £25 off a Venice break.

April Dykes had a tip for shorter city stays: “Utilise deals on sites like Wowcher and Groupon when doing trips to London.”

Melissa Foort advised fellow scrimpers to pre-book everything. “Use comparison sites to make sure you get the best deals.”

Avoid peak times – find flights for £10
If you can avoid the school holidays and travel during unpopular times, you’ll likely save big on your next break.

The same goes for if you book early morning flights as opposed to more sociable hours.

Sally Smith commented: “Go out of season and go to the cheapest place – don’t have your heart set on a specific location.

“If you’ve not been there you don’t know that you won’t like it [so why not try it?]”

Tom added: “If you want some help with finding out when the best time is to book a holiday, look out for our flight deal roundups – we often find flights as cheap as £10.

Alternatively, Hopper is a free app which uses artificial intelligence to tell you when the best time to book a flight is.”

Time it just right – get four nights away for £130
Every bargain hunter will know the value of doing some planning and research before spending money. Going away on holiday is no different.

It is worth checking both well in advance and also seeing what last minute deals you can get.

Both options have the potential to offer great savings.

Sinead Kelly advised: “Shop around! I got a great deal for next summer, and in summer 2019 we got to France for £462 for seven nights and two nights on the ferry.”

Angela Sloan shared her trick: “Book a year in advance, and look for a code for money off.”

Tom added: “By being open to travelling last minute to places you may not have considered before, you can easily visit loads of exciting locations for just a few pounds.”

Look for unpopular flights – go abroad for £3.99
If you’re willing to get up super early, come back in the small hours or deal with a layover, you may be able to save a lot of money.

Jack Boardman said: “Adjust flight times to earlier or later, when it’s less busy. You can save hundreds this way.”

Antonia Yocova thinks in a similar way: “Buy airplane tickets on or just before Christmas. Very few people are buying at this time.”

Tom added: “Ryanair does flight sales once every three months from £3.99.

“You can often get a return flight for a tenner. I’ve been to France, Italy and Portugal all for less than £20.”