Mike Alstott rooting for Mike Evans to break his Buccaneers touchdown record

Mike Alstott retired as the Buccaneers’ all-time touchdown leader, but that’s a record he won’t own much longer. And he’s fine with that.

Bucs receiver Mike Evans caught a touchdown pass last week to tie Alstott with 71 career touchdowns, meaning the next touchdown Evans scores will erase Alstott from the franchise record book. Alstott will be at the Buccaneers’ game on Monday night, and he says he’s hoping to see Evans do it.

“Mike has worked hard to do this and it’s going to be exciting,” Alstott said, via Buccaneers.com. “I’m happy for him, and records are meant to be broken. I’ve been out of the league for a long time, after all. He’s doing a great job and he’s been a great team leader, guiding the team to another Super Bowl. He’s worked hard and he’s earned this.”

Alstott noted that to set a record like that, you need to stick around in one place and play well for years.

“It just shows you that he’s done something right to stay with the franchise for a good number of years so he can beat records and create records,” said Alstott. When you create records like he has, you’re doing a lot of things right, and for a long time.”

Evans is likely to remain in Tampa for years to come and could easily top 100 touchdowns with the Buccaneers, putting the franchise record out of reach from anyone currently on the team.